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Benefits FreeVoipDeal

Individuals who use our service to make cheap international calls to Nepal and other nations enjoy additional benefits such as:

  • - Versatility. Use our service to call Nepal any time of day, from anywhere using your landline or a Smartphone! The app is available for your Android smartphone, Iphone or Windows Phone. Installation takes seconds and you'll be ready to make cheap calls to Nepal within moments! You can also make PC-to-phone calls, in addition to sending international text messages.
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We understand that it's your relationships with family and friends that make life so joyful and worth living! So it's our mission to help you bridge the distance with cheap call rates to Nepal and beyond.

How does it work?

After registering your new FreeVoipDeal account, or after logging in, if you already have a FreeVoipDeal account, simply buy some credit and start saving money: You can use your laptop/desktop computer, a Mac computer, your landline or any mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet or Windows Phone.

How to call to Nepal

To call your friends and family in Nepal, for example someone in Kathmandu, follow these simple instructions:

First, dial the Country Calling Code, in this case, the Nepalese code: 00977, second dial the Area Code For Kathmandu: 1, and then dial the Local Number of the person you’re trial to call.

So, the phone number should look like this:
00977 1 + local number

If you’re using the FreeVoipDeal Windows/Mac software, or if you’re using a mobile app, such as MobileVOIP, make sure you have saved your contacts in international format (0097…).